Monday, October 1, 2012

"Unconditional" & the McCorkles

Anyone who knows this family already knows this, but if you don't, here's what you should know about Brent McCorkle, writer/director of Unconditional, and his wife Kim:

  These guys are not in it for the fame or for the money or for any of the other preconceived notions we may have as to why people get into the entertainment industry. These are people who walk the walk! These are people who have sacrificed much to see God’s message shared with the world.

  “Unconditional” is based on the real-life story of “Papa” Joe Bradford, a reformed convict that spends his days caring for the fatherless children in his neighborhood. The movie’s message is centered on themes like reconciliation, second chances, forgiveness, sacrifice, and the true meaning of unconditional love. And, while these are not themes you typically see in a major motion picture, they manage to come together beautifully in this film! Why? Because the man behind the movie is not only extremely creative, but he is also a man that has walked the walk. This is a man who has spent his life sacrificing to spread the message of God’s redemptive grace and ever-constant love through his music, his relationships and his work. His wife, Kim, has a true servant's heart and an amazing gift with children. To top it off, they are a whole lot of fun!

  I've had the good fortune of personally knowing Brent, Kim and the whole McCorkle/Hinson clan for many years; and I’ve seen their servant hearts, their willingness to sacrifice and their absolute devotion to service at work in my own life.

  Several years ago, my wife Karen and I were on the brink of divorce. A relationship, a home and a family that had taken years to build, was lying broken before us. All hope was gone. And, that’s when the McCorkles stepped in. Even though they had five small children which they were home-schooling, and had a very busy life, they helped us without being asked to do so. During the darkest hours of our life, they stood next to us. They fought for us. They prayed for us. They prayed for our children. They fasted. They counseled. They saw us through tears. They celebrated with us in our progress. Above all, though, they loved us and showed us the ever-present and unconditional love of God. Today, Karen and I stand in immense appreciation of Brent and Kim and their willingness to stand with us and to be used by God to shine a bright light in a dark hour. That experience forever changed our marriage and showed us what true frienship really is. It has also inspired us to be that willing vessel to be used by the Lord for someone else, if given the opportunity.

I’ll never be able to repay Brent and Kim for the sacrifices they made for us. I can, however, tell that you’ll never meet two more faithful, genuine, or devoted people.

Please, if you believe in spreading God’s message of hope and unconditional love, get out right now and see “Unconditional”! You’ll not only be supporting Brent and Kim McCorkle, but you’ll be supporting faith-based movies everywhere. Let’s send the entertainment industry a message that we want to see more beautifully written, inspiring stories centered on the teachings of our Lord and Savior.

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